Ancient Catastrophe: can the Electric Universe explain?

Peter Mungo Jupp talks with Physicist Wal Thornhill regarding Immanuel Velikovsky and the development of the Electric Universe.

Peter Mungo Jupp: As a Plasma physicist what is your view on Velikovsky’s books.

Wal Thornhill: I think he nailed some important truths. Certainly I think he nailed the planets as the cause of cataclysmic events on Earth. But as importantly he perceived the truth of the electrical universe which touches on all parts of the solar system down to mankind’s history and evolution. Modern research is now revealing the dramatic electronic connection between volcanoes, earthquakes, the weather and the sun. This research at the plasma level offers a tool to understanding those calamities that devastated mankind in his early history.

Ancient Destructions: can the Electric Universe explain these catastrophes?

Peter Mungo Jupp: So do we have evidence of electric discharges between Earth and other planets or comets? If we do, were they connected to massive earthquake damage and electrical resculptoring of the Earth? Wallace Thornhill is a physicist who has come to some highly controversial conclusions. Wal have thunderbolts from planets or comets struck Earth in mankind’s early history?

Wal Thornhill: What happens on earth today is but a tame shadow of mankind’s earlier history. “The evidence suggests that only a few thousand years ago planets moved close to Earth, producing electrical phenomena of intense beauty and terror. Ancient sky worshippers witnessed these celestial wonders and far-flung cultures recorded the events in great myths, symbols and ritual practices of antiquity”. I think they witnessed celestial bodies immersed in the charged particles of the solar system’s dense plasma. These bodies, including Earth, spoke electrically to each other and produced heaven spanning electrical discharges. These planets were the gods. Mankind at once feared and worshipped them .During chaotic restructuring of the solar system cosmic lightning evolved violently from one discharge configuration to another. They followed patterns observed in high energy plasma experiments. These electric phenomena have also been recently observed in deep space.

Peter Mungo Jupp: Wal you say mankind witnessed these cosmic displays. What evidence do we have for that?

Wal Thornhill: Throughout the world our early ancestors carved pictures of these electric formations upon rocks. They bear a close similarity to each other whether from the Americas, Australia, Europe or Asia. In their myths they called them, “Thunderbolts of the gods”. More incredibly they bear a remarkable resemblance to plasma discharges produced in laboratories or on super computer modelling.

Peter Mungo Jupp: This seems to fly in the face of conventional interpretations of mythology. Why the resistance to these ideas?

Wal Thornhill: I think for two reasons. Firstly the idea of a solar system that is electrically driven flies directly in the face of conventional cosmology. This is firmly bound up in a gravitational model even though NASA, day by day reveals facts that cannot be explained by gravity alone. Cosmology is the Queen of the sciences yet electrical theory and plasma science is rarely touched on by its disciples. Physicists and electronic scientists are familiar with the force of electricity which is a billion, billion, billion times stronger than gravity. Cosmologists need to radically rethink their gravitational bias. Secondly, I believe the doctrine of uniformitarianism is universally preached in many of the scientific disciplines. That is, by and large, nothing has occurred on Earth that doesn’t occur today. Slow gradual change is the rule. In particular this dogma holds that the Solar System has been stable for millions of years and has barely changed. I believe this is totally incorrect. A mere look at the changing universe as NASA witnesses it today makes us aware that the stars are continually evolving and responding to an electrical universe.

Peter Mungo Jupp: So much of Mythology and the ancient cataclysmic destructions start to make sense when we interpret them with the aid of the Electrical Universe model. The effect of electromagnetism in all walks of our life will be explored

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  • Paulina

    Quote: “I think they witnessed celestial bodies immersed in the charged particles of the solar system’s dense plasma. These bodies, including Earth, spoke electrically to each other and produced heaven spanning electrical discharges. These planets were the gods. Mankind at once feared and worshipped them.”

    This is a powerful tool which the science of the electric universe brings, because it switches on the light to reveal the ubiquitous thunderbolt and plasma forms in the ancient traditions. The myths and legends are admitted and allowed to contribute to science and history, and science contributes to the myths and legend. Like twins, perhaps, who ask many of the same questions, engage in similar goals, and who have similar appearances in our lives, are science and religion. As with current studies of identical twins, even their differences may be looked at as variations on the same theme.

    However, when handling myths from a Greek/Roman perspective, and wishing to equate all deities with Jupiter, one must guard against other Roman traditions: one twin killing the other. (Romulus and Remus)

    Care must be taken in claiming science has now risen to such perfection of understanding that the other twin (religion) may be eliminated, or even distorted and brutally maimed to provide spare parts to science’s methods. Limitations exist and mistakes can easily be made. I have pointed out on another thread here that Mazda cannot possibly be Jupiter. Mazda is the God of Spritual Law. The planets were hurled at the constellations by Mazda’s enemy in a war, burning and scarring the Earth. We can interpret geology using these events through Physical Law and test the reliability of the empirical evidence.

    We are all deeply mystified when we encounter identical twins. One speaks, and then the other speaks with the same voice, with the same face. Yet they are two. I suggest this is the best way to appreciate the co-existence of science and spiritual beliefs/folk traditions.