Ancient Destructions explained – Immanuel Velikovsky and the Electric Universe

Let me introduce you to Immanuel Velikovsky a man who caused incredible controversy in his time. In the 1950’s he wrote a book called “Worlds in Collision”, which had as its main theme the cataclysmic destruction on Earth by planets and comets in the Solar System. He believed mythology and legend should be interpreted literally.

This included the malignant forces attributed to Baal/Jupiter, father of the gods. He earned the wrath of the scientific world. Yet most of his Predictions made in 1960 were absolutely proved by NASA. Jupiter did emanate radio waves and was an electromagnetic body. The surface of Venus was 800 degrees centigrade not the same as Earth. He was right. Conventional science was badly wrong. He claimed the solar system is unstable. Both the Moon and Mars have been ravaged by celestial bodies. Part of his theory was that Venus was once a comet expelled from Jupiter.

immanuel velikovsky worlds in collision

Immanuel Velikovsky sought proof of the unstable solar system from many sources. Mythology had bones of truth! Hesiod the ancient Greek philosopher portrayed this in his ancient book ‘Theogeny’ where, for instance, he sites Venus being ejected from Jupiter. Homer in his book the ‘Iliad’ describes the destructive war between the planets as the major factor governing the destruction of Troy in the Trojan wars. Immanuel Velikovsky in Worlds in Collision proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events: worldwide global catastrophes of a celestial origin actually had profound effects on the lives, beliefs and writings of early mankind.

Professor Emilio Spendicato recently commented:

Worlds in Collision is a book of wars in the celestial sphere that took place in historical times. In these wars the planet earth participated too. The historical-cosmological story of this book is based on the evidence of historical texts of many people around the globe, on classical literature, on epics of the northern races, on sacred books of the peoples of the Orient and Occident, on traditions and folklore of primitive peoples, on old astronomical inscriptions and charts, on archaeological finds, and also on geological and paleontological material.”

immanuel velikovsky ancient destructions explained

After reaching the number 1 spot in the best-sellers list, Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision was banned from a number of academic institutions, and created an unprecedented scientific debacle that became known as The Velikovsky Affair. In 1956 Velikovsky wrote a sequel “Earth in Upheaval” to present conclusive geological evidence of terrestrial catastrophism.

“I have excluded from [these pages] all references to ancient literature, traditions, and folklore; and this I have done with intent, so that careless critics cannot decry the entire work as “tales and legends”. Stones and bones are the only witness.”

However for forty years these highly controversial theories remained an anathema to the academic world. Then in June 1994 an event occurred that radically changed scientific thought and gave credibility to Velikovsky’s theories. Myth and legend, once dismissed, had to be re-examined. What was this catastrophic event?

immanuel velikovsky worlds in collision book evidence

In June 1994 a rogue comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 approached Jupiter. Observers on Earth soon realized that it was on a collision course. But what happened next was totally unexpected. Without warning it split into twenty three large pieces. Then one by one these pieces plummeted into Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. It tore huge craters into this massive planet; the size of each crater was four times the size of earth these craters persisted for months afterwards on the unstable surface of Jupiter. Simultaneously a gaseous cloud was released that went on to envelope the surface of the planet. This toxic cloud persisted for months.

For the first time modern man had witnessed a comet collide with a planet! What was thought to be stable solar system, was now a place where the unexpected could happen. Could this have occurred on Earth? Had mankind actually witnessed such an event? Could it happen to Earth in the future? No one could now deny any of these possibilities. Perhaps Baal, alias Jupiter, does have an effect on Earth. The proof is not final, but no longer is it a wild heretical theory based on fantasy. Velikovsky could be taken seriously.

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