Baalbek Temple and City destructions – summary

So what is Baalbek Lebanon all about? If the people of Baalbek feared Baal alias Jupiter could this sky god have driven their destiny? Both myth and legend go much further to support the malignant role of Jupiter and other planets in Mankind’s affairs. Remember Jupiter goes by many names. In ancient Phoenicia he is Baal of our Baalbek. In Israel he is Zedek. In Egypt Amon. In Iran he is Mazda. In Babylon Enlil. In India he is Shiva. In Greece the mighty Zeus king of the Gods. Jupiter in all cases is the supreme sky god. The supreme planet.

In all these cases he is blamed for hurling massive thunderbolts against the Earth and causing earthquakes. Could this of happened? Today Jupiter/Baal hurls thunderbolts at its moon Io. Thus interplanetary discharges do occur. In a near approach of Jupiter perhaps Earth too was subject to the sky god’s wrath?

The ancient Greek historian, Homer in the Odyssey, specifically blames Baal / Zeus / Jupiter for hurling thunderbolts and destroying Troy with earthquakes. Baal shattered the Earth. That is why the citizens of Baalbek feared and worshiped this Sky God. They trembled under his destruction and even offered human sacrifice to calm him.

baalbek temple lebanon destructions stones

In another ancient text from the Greek Hesiod, we find Baal / Zeus responsible for giving birth to the planets Mercury and Venus. Is this at all possible? Let us investigate. What do we know about Jupiter? Certainly next to the Sun it is the largest mass in the Solar System. But Jupiter’s’ most salient driver is its great red spot, four times the size of Earth. This constantly swirls as a giant vortex sucking up all clouds that are in its way. Moreover it spits them out. If Jupiter can absorb comets such as shoemaker levy 9 can it in its turn spit them out as it does the clouds on its surface? Remember the scientific principle “to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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Hesiod claimed Jupiter gave birth to Venus and Mercury. Is Jupiter about to regurgitate Shoemaker Levy 9 as a new comet or indeed as Velikovsky claims a pre planet? Is it only a matter of time until mankind suffers another cosmic attack? Jupiter even now has captured a smaller comet. Will this in its turn disintegrate and be swallowed. In fact does Earth have the power like Jupiter to attract comets and have them impact on our surface. In the past we have had massive extinctions due to cosmic events. Do we live in a fool’s paradise that denies such bazaar possibilities even though our ancestors lived in fear of just such an event?

baalbek temple destructions stones lebanon

In the first century of the present era the Romans at one time counted fifty comets in their skies. This is unheard of today. Were the skies over Rome the end of a bloody era that only in recent centuries has become stabilized? Can there be bones of truth in this mythology? So here is our challenge. How do we explain these dreadful cataclysms that decimated mankind. Conventional science is a lost puppy. It rejects mythology. It clings to outmoded scientific concepts. It is bogged down in theory laden ideas. Come with us as we reveal the truth.

What happens on planet Earth today is nothing compared to events of the recent past? It is time to challenge some of the fundamentals of science. Darwin’s concept of uniformitarianism or slow adaptive evolution is plainly wrong. New paradigms are needed. The age of cataclysmic evolution and the mechanics of the chaotic electric solar system have arrived

Peter Mungo Jupp

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  • Paulina

    Thank you, I am so glad you have the time and prefrontal power to devote to this exciting and important question linking Earth’s many catastrophes with electrical events in its space environment.

    One nit, though.

    Quote: “Both myth and legend go much further to support the malignant role of Jupiter and other planets in Mankind’s affairs. Remember Jupiter goes by many names. In ancient Phoenicia he is Baal of our Baalbek. In Israel he is Zedek. In Egypt Amon. In Iran he is Mazda… Jupiter in all cases is the supreme sky god. The supreme planet.”

    It is simple to demonstrate that Mazda cannot be any kind of equivalent to Zues/Jupiter. To do so, we first turn to Yasht One in which Zarathustra asks Mazda what His name is:

    “My name is the One of whom questions are asked, O holy Zarathushtra!”
    Continuing from Yt 1: He is the Herd-giver, the Strong One, Perfect Holiness, All good things created by Mazda, Understanding; the One with understanding, Knowledge; the One with Knowledge. Weal; He who produces weal, the most Beneficent. He in whom there is no harm, the unconquerable One. He who makes the true account, the All-seeing One, the healing One, the Creator.
    ‘I am the Keeper; I am the Creator and the Maintainer; I am the Discerner; I am the most beneficent Spirit. ‘My name is the bestower of health; My name is the Protector; my name is the Well-wisher; my name is the Creator; my name is the Keeper; my name is the Maintainer.
    ‘My name is the Discerner; my name is the Best Discerner.
    ‘My name is the Prosperity-producer; my name is the Word of Prosperity.

    ‘My name is He who does not deceive; my name is He who is not deceived. ‘My name is the good Keeper; my name is He who destroys malice…’

    And so on. We can see clearly that the qualities of Ahura Mazda are spiritual and that the three central pillars of Zoroastrianism are “Good thought, good words, good acts.” His expectations of man are also spiritual.

    There is further evidence that Mazda is not an equivalent of Zues/Jupiter because Zoroastrian accounts are not at all silent on the celestial events involving Jupiter and the other planets which you are writing about.

  • Paulina

    What does Zoroastrianism say about the history of the solar system? We turn now to the Bundahishn, which relates the story of the ages of the Earth, the Zoroastrian Cosmogony.

    While the oldest extant version is from c. 900AD, Mary Boyce considers the text to be based on ancient material, and synchronous with Zarathustra’s original vision and writings of 1700-1400 BC, in which all of creation is under the Assault by Ahriman. Ahriman bears extraordinary spiritual malice toward Mazda and brings plague and destruction to mankind, and to everything necessary for life. In particular, Ahriman hates cattle, homes, fire, marriage, and crops.* In Zoroaster’s writings, all life is locked in this battle, this period of “Mixture” until the time of the Restoration, in which there is resurrection and complete peace from this great Conflict.

    Here is the passage which describes the Assault of the Planets against the Constellations:


    * He gags when there is too much grain!

  • Paulina

    From the Bundahishn:

    ” And the evil spirit thought that the creatures of Ohrmazd were all rendered useless except Gayomard; and Astwihad with a thousand demons, causers of death, were let forth by him on Gayomard. 22. But his appointed time had not come, and he (Astwihad) obtained no means of noosing (avizidano) him; as it is said that, when the opposition of the evil spirit came, the period of the life and rule of Gayomard was appointed for thirty years. 23. After the coming of the adversary he lived thirty years, and Gayomard spoke thus: ‘Although the destroyer has come, mankind will be all of my race; and this one thing is good, when they perform duty and good works.’
    And, afterwards, he (the evil spirit) came to fire, and he mingled smoke and darkness with it. 25. The planets, with many demons, dashed against the celestial sphere, and they mixed the constellations; and the whole creation was as disfigured as though fire disfigured every place and smoke arose over it. 26. And ninety days and nights the heavenly angels were contending in the world with the confederate demons of the evil spirit, and hurled them confounded to hell; and the rampart of the sky was formed so that the adversary should not be able to mingle with it.”

  • Paulina

    I hope this adds finer resolution and detail to your work, Peter.

  • Krishna Kumar

    Was reading your blog. .very interesting. .but one thing I got stuck into. ..First you said Jupiter have lots of name India it’s known as Shiva. …well don’t know how much truth in it. In India Jupiter is known as Jupiter or Brihaspati was one of the eight sons of Angiras, (son of Brahma) and Shraddha. After receiving initial knowledge from his father, Jupiter left his home in quest for spiritual knowledge and meditated for thousands of years, his penances earned him a place as guru or teacher to the demigods. His work was to guide then and advancing their cause by thwarting the designs of the Asuras.

    Once Bhrigu or Venus, the guru of the devils went to the Himalaya to worship Lord Shiva for obtaining means to conquer and destroy the demigods. Meanwhile sensing an opportunity, Indra, the king of demigods sent his daughter Jayanti to Venus to obtain whatever he receives from Lord Shiva by deceit. She stayed with Venus for many years as his disciple until he obtained the boon from SHIVA.
    He was only a devote for Shiva. ..not Shiva