Comets, Planets in Chaos and Plasma Mythology

Thomas Short, writing in the 18th century, chronicled the many calamities that had decimated mankind over four thousand years. Plagues, Earthquakes, drought, pestilence and incredible floods. As you read through his curious book you are struck by the inevitable parallel appearance of bright comets in numbers unmatched by modern experience. They are invariably connected to the major disasters! Up until the 1800s many sources resonate with the fear that humanity held for the “comet”! Chinese records even show the many forms a comet may take. Did they not have a reason? Then the “Age of Reason” struck and curiously the number of visible comets visiting Earth fell dramatically. Eventually by the end of the 20th century it became scientific dogma that comets were harmless dusty snowballs.

Then two stunning events occurred that forced a re-appraisal of this benign scenario. In 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 split into 23 sections and one by one flash discharged well above the surface of the giant planet Jupiter. The result was devastating! Each discharge area was the size of Earth with the destructive imprints persisting for over a year! For the first time modern man had seen how ruthless the innocent comet could be!

The second surprise was the observation by modern instruments of comets diving into the sun. Immediately afterwards giant Coronal Mass Ejections( CME)were seen blossoming out on the opposite side of the Sun. Wal Thornhill believes this a good indication of the electrical nature of the Sun. These resultant CMEs were even larger than the Sun itself. How could such a puny object be so violently powerful?

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Wal Thornhill states, “We don’t really understand comets or their origins”. However new instruments have enabled scientists to question many of their previous notions of the nature of comets. Firstly they are not “dusty snowballs” and in fact are very similar to asteroids being solid bodied concretations. Secondly as Wal explains in the following film, they are negatively charged electrets racing toward a positively charged sun. As they get closer they begin to discharge in what he believes is the familiar “cold cathode discharge”.

But Wal also notes that early man documented the earliest appearance of a comet. This was the proto planet Venus. The Greek Hesiod, writing around 700B.C., notes it sprang fully armed from the head of Jupiter. Whether this is fanciful or fact we will never know but there is no doubt that Venus was described as a mighty comet. Many ancient chronicles note the features, such as its beard, that are classically ascribed to cometry bodies. In this mode it reeked tremendous damage on the human race . Much evidence is presented by, the fiercely denigrated, Immanuel Velikovsky that Venus was in a conflicting erratic orbit in ancient times. This “Skygod” caused tremendous damage to the other planets and humanity. This chaos, Velikovsky believed, resulted in electrical discharges between the planetary bodies including Earth. Velikovsky himself cites chapters out of Homer’s Iliad as an example of such battles between Venus, Mars and the other planetary deities.

Whether we concur with Velikovsky ideas or not there is no doubt that tremendous upheavals occurred on Earth at these times. Egyptian sources such as the Papyrus Ipuwer and the Papyrus Harris testify to these destructive eras. Hard modern day evidence comes from such archaeologists as Claude Schaeffer who showed that six destruction layers separated civilizations from the Bronze Ages down to the Iron Age. And these he believes were worldwide. Not only earthquakes but famine , plague and the movement of races bent on survival. The sudden and dramatic collapse of the early Bronze Age civilizations, around 2200 B.C., has puzzled many an Archaeologist. Highly respected academics such as Kathryn Kenyon and John Garstung have wondered over these unexplained phenomena. The consensus of academic opinion notes not only was it sudden and dramatic but that it was widespread in its geography, spreading from Europe, across Asia Minor to the Indus valley and beyond to China. Further evidence of Velikovsky’s destructive scenarios come from archaeologists Amos Nur and Harvey Weiss. They scientifically measure these tumultuous times replete with earthquakes, soil deposition, famine, ash deposits desertification and abandonment.

Echoes of such cosmic interference continued down through Roman and Greek times. Numerous devastating earthquakes are noted beginning with the Greek Thucydides citing the destruction of Athens by earthquake and plague. If as Wal Thornhill believes, earthquakes are an underground electrical storm then perhaps a comet has the ability to excite the telluric currents beneath the earth. The appearance of comets and subsequent deadly earthquakes is often touched upon in Thomas Shorts chronicles.
Finally we come to the evidence provided by the rock carvings( petro glyphs) of ancient man. It is undoubtedly the realization that the shape of these carvings, such as the “Squatter man” resemble Anthony Peratt’s plasma tube instabilities and computer simulations that revolutionised their interpretation. Since electrical phenomena is scalable It is surmised that these carvings were drawn in admiration of huge plasma instabilities in the sky. Precisely what caused these impressive displays can only be conjecture. Was it Venus? Was it the result of cometry interference? Was it the results of electrical phenomena we haven’t witnessed in recent centuries. We can’t be sure but the realization that electrical effects are cosmically scalable gives us a basis for constructing theories that are rooted in fact not imaginary dusty snowballs! the following filmed discussion with Wal and myself travels a little deeper into this murky subject.

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Peter Mungo Jupp

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