Earthquake storms and the electric Sun

Earthquakes are natures deadliest killers! Some four thousand years ago the civilizations of the world were obliterated by a series of events that reshaped civilization.

A catastrophic earthquake storm totally buried and destroyed cities throughout the middle east. Men, women and children were decimated and famine and plague curiously attended this civilization collapse! Doubt this? Then listen to English archaeologist Katherine Kenyon, excavator of both Jericho and Jerusalem:

The final end of the early Bronze Age civilization came with catastrophic completeness. Jericho was probably completely destroyed. Every town in Palestine that has so far been investigated shows the same break. All traces of the early Bronze Age civilization disappeared.

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French archaeologist Claude Schaeffer looked at numerous excavation sites and realized this was a worldwide event. That means Australia too! The Geology of Melbourne’s Port Phillip bay indicates numerous tectonic upheavals unmatched in recent history. Could this deadly “earthquake storm” scenario have been repeated in Victoria? Aboriginal mythology from the “Bunurong” tribe fearfully record just such a catastrophic event. Writing in 1850, Governor LaTrobe, a world travelled geologist, noted evidence of ancient massive earthquakes around Maribyrnong and recounts that in “Wathaurung” aboriginal mythology the Yarra once flowed out to Western Port Bay until diverted by an incredible earthquake!

Dating all this however is difficult for Schaeffer proved there was at least five worldwide catastrophic events followed by lesser echoes down the ages. His conclusion was that these deadly scenarios shaped the ascent of man. Schaeffer maintained natures’ catastrophes controlled the rise and fall of civilizations. Only arrogant man convinces himself otherwise.

But what do we mean by nature? Some of the latest researches are showing that it is the Sun that not only controls our weather but is responsible for earthquakes. Weather, according to Henrik Svensmark, runs parallel to the sun’s coronal mass ejections(CMEs) but earthquakes in most cases, correspond to sunspot minimums. Sunspots are those little black spots on the sun (each spot as big as the Earth) from which solar flares and CMEs leap out towards earth.

During high solar activity the electric birkeland currents connecting the Sun and Earth charge up and excite the Earth’s buried Telluric current circuitry. When, as in every eleven years, the number of sun spots drop off to nearly zero the Earth reacts. Then the stored electric energy discharges its pent up energy. Tremendous forces are released from the Earth’s circuitry. Result? Earthquakes and violent lightning storms and winds!

For instance, during the “Maunder Minimum” there was a period  from 1640 AD to 1710 AD of no sun spots. Messina and Catania in this time were totally destroyed by earthquakes. Coincidence? Deadly earthquakes abound in history. Antioch 523BC(death toll 250,000), Sicily 1646 AD and 1693 AD( death toll 150,000), Jamaica 1693 AD Lisbon 1755 AD, Shaanksi – China 1558 AD (death toll 850,000)to name a few. Currently the earthquakes are centered around the rings of fire where the worlds Volcanic activity occurs. Yes, volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunamis are related! But will the hot spots remain along these grids? Governor Latrobe maintained that Melbourne’s history shows NO! Changing electric astronomical influences may unexpectedly throw tectonic plate theory into chaos !

Peter Mungo Jupp

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  • steve

    my yoga teacher taught me that the world has ended 5 times already, that we usually assumed it was our fault. he thought that was kind of funny the way people think it’s all about them.

  • mungo

    yes beyond our control. How arrogant to think we control Earth