Bad to the Bones part 2 – Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria Fossils and Skeletons

You’ve never heard of Sodom and Gomorrah? These were two cities of ancient Israel that God’s wrath devastated and buried under the murky salt of today’s Dead Sea. The citizen’s indulged in gambling, drinking and sexual excess. These ancient cities of around 3000 BC were hit with fire and brimstone. In their escape the biblical Lot’s wife was fossilised and turned into a pillar of salt simply because she disobeyed her husband. With her insatiable feminine curiosity she had merely turned to view the city’s annihilation. Are you Cynical? Did this actually occur?

Well today they have actually rediscovered these lost cities under the Dead Sea. But what if I said similar destructions had occurred in Australia? What if I told you that along the Murray near Mildura lies a certain Lake Victoria where the fossilized skeletons of fifteen thousand humans lie scattered? All this happening around the time scale of the unfortunate Sodom and Gomorrah. Where is the truth?

lake mungo victoria fossils skeletons

Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria fossils and skeletons

Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria Fossils and Skeletons, the Australian Sodom and Gomorrah

In the late 1990’s South Australian archaeologist Colin Pardoe investigated this colossal assemblage of skeletons scattered on the south eastern corner of Lake Victoria. They were unearthed when Lake Victoria was partially drained to repair lock 13 in the nearby river. It led him to claim it as a burial site for generations of Aboriginals and it pointed to a much larger ancient population than previously calculated. Was he right? Well it was certainly a sacred site for most aboriginal tribes pristinely practice and hand down sacred verbal mythological records where important geophysical dramas have occurred. Lake Victoria’s circular lake sand Lunette contains a geological high point that equates to the “blood of our ancestors”.

Aboriginal mythology is dominated by cosmological catastrophic events of the past. For instance the original inhabitants of southeast Australia, when interviewed during the 19th century, displayed a marked fear of the southern lights. To the Wotjobaluk, of central-western Victoria, as well as the Ngarigo, closer to Canberra, the aurora “signified” that, at some great distance, a number of blacks were being slaughtered, and that the Aurora colour is the blood rising up to the sky.”

Upon the Aurora’s appearance, the Kurnai, of the Gippsland region, would be “shouting such words as ‘Send it away; do not let it burn us up.’ Far from being overly imaginative fantasies arising from the red hue of the Aurora Australis, such visceral reactions rooted in traumatic memories of a time when the aurora “filled the whole space between the earth and the sky”, precipitating floods, collective madness and the final departure of the creator from the earth.

The latter, known as Mungan-ngaua or ‘our father,’ “long ago” lived on the earth”, but when the ancestors of the Kurnai provoked him, “he sent his fire, the Aurora Australis, which filled the whole space between the earth and the sky. Men went mad with fear, and speared each other, fathers killing their children, husbands their wives, and brethren each other. Then the sea rushed over the land and nearly all mankind was drowned.” Mungun left the earth, and ascended to the sky where he still remains.” The Mornington Peninsula’s own pioneer, Georgiana McCrae ,records a similar mythology amongst the Bunurong people of her day (1845)


My thoughts are these myths reflect a scientific truth. It may be the destruction of ancient tribes by mysterious forces such as Mungan’s fire, now judged to be a catastrophic Aurora Australis from a mass Coronal ejection by the Sun or alternatively the massive electrical discharge between a comet or meteor or hyper active period of a planet as it flays the Earth. Finally these legends are repeated at Wilcania on the Darling, at Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria. They were all the scene of ancient aboriginal destructions. Still doubtful? Well my latest film Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria, the Australian Sodom and Gomorrah produces the hard scientific evidence from carbon dating, magnetic reversals and electro geological machining.

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  • judy

    Most people’s mind processes can not break out of ‘mainstream’ science’s “thou shalt not” modes. To envision catastrophic events precipitated from outside our world is well beyond the capacity of most.