The Little Ice Age on Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay

Imagine the yachts of Mornington harbour locked up in meters of thick ice.

Picture our pride and joy, maxi yacht Wild Thing, with its tackle caked in icicles and skipper Grant Warrington clad in fur skins. Imagine yourself down at the Portsea headlands, looking across at the ice blocking the passage of massive container ships trying to get into the once thriving Melbourne Docklands.

‘Impossible!’ you say, but research has shown that just such a scenario probably occurred in Victoria and only a few short centuries ago. What happened?

the little ice age
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Carrington Event 1859 and the Royal Charter Storm

The Carrington Event 1859 – Flu epidemic, Erzurum Earthquake, Aurora Australis and the Royal Charter Storm

Gold, Glamour and not so Ancient Destructions …

Could the Carrington Event of 1859 have had broader effects than originally assumed?

You can watch the video of Gold, glamour and destruction about this article on our Ancient Destructions video streaming site MUNGOflix.

carrington event 1859 solar storm

The amazing Aurora Australis of 1859

Imagine your posturing self-assurance as you parade on the dockside at Port Melbourne, dressed in the finest fashions the colony of Port Phillip can offer. Your beautiful new bride is elegantly bubbling beside you whilst showing off the latest copy of high Paris couture. Yes, my boy, you have made it! The year is 1859.
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Oronteus Finaeus map Antarctica ice free!

The Oronteus Finaeus map (Oronteus Fineus map) shows an ice free Antarctica.

As well as the Piri Reis map their exists another anomaly. The Oronteus Finaeus map, also spelled Oronteus Fineus map, was incredibly precise. It too shows an ice free Antartica with no ice-cap. It was drawn in the year 1532. There are also maps showing Greenland as two separated islands, as it was confirmed by a polar French expedition which found out that there is an ice cap quite thick joining what it is actually two islands.

Another amazing chart is the one drawn by the Turkish Hadji Ahmed, year 1559, in which he shows a land stripe, about 1600 Km wide, that joins Alaska and Siberia. Such a natural bridge has been then covered by the water due to the end of the glacial period, which rose up the sea level.

oronteus finaeus map antarctica ice free finaeus mystery ancient
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