The Catastrophic End of the Early Bronze Age – Egypt – part 2

The evidence from ancient documents and stelae Anktifi monument, Papyrus Ipuwer, the Israele Stele, Manetho, Heroditus, Homer, the Bible, the Rig Veda, Manetho, Josephus, Africanus, Eratosthenes and Apollodorus. Comments by Ze’ev Herzog, Dr Gallballi, hieroglyphics, Exodus.

We have collected a lot of evidence from both traditional Archaeologists and geophysical scientists that a major event did occur at the end of the early Bronze Age but so far we have neglected written records and monuments. The veracity of such classic sources such as the Bible, the Papyrus Ipuwer, the Israele Stele, Manetho, Heroditus, Homer, and The Rig Veda is highly controversial to say the least. The dating of these texts is the first problem. Many modern sources site the Exodus as around the time of the 21st Dynasty (1200B.C.) whilst not a few revisionists place it at the demise of the Early Bronze.

The Israeli Archaeologist, Ze’ev Herzog, throws his hands up in despair and claims the Israelis did not even come from Egypt and that the earlier story of the Patriarchs is a mere tale.

catastrophe early bronze age
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