Diamonds aren’t forever? Journey to the centre of the Earth: Part 2

Earthquakes and Volcanoes routinely emit flashing, transparent and colourful Plasmoids emerging like giant bubbles out of the ground! These chaotic electromagnetic formations come in many shapes and colours and can travel at supersonic speed whilst seamlessly passing through or, alternatively, boring through obstructions! Plasmoids reek fire and destruction and according to Egan Bach, they have burnt down cities and tunnelled through mountains!

In great fear the ancients called these ground emerging destroyers “Gorgons”. The Greek historian, Hesiod, highlights their power to petrify! It would seem that the Gorgons may have been active in Australian Aboriginal mythology. Verbal records and dance traditions recorded these demonic Plasmoids at many sites and in various forms. Their “Rainbow Serpent” was responsible for carving river systems (Lichtenberg scars) on the face of the Earth and even held responsible for building mountains and forming lakes. Fantasy you may ask?

I was fascinated to talk to Louis Hissink, a former “Diamond” geologist with DeBeers! He enlightened me on his escape from the confines of classical geological theory! The epiphany came when confronted with Aboriginal mythology that explained recent diamond formation in the Australian Kimberley!?

Rainbow Serpent diamonds Australia
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Cuvier and Schaeffer’s Catastrophism!

Cuvier and Schaeffer’s Catastrophism! The opening of the key to the Electric Universe!

Criticized, ostracized, derided, scorned and rebuked! Cuvier and Schaeffer! These two French eccentric geniuses ranged their new practical paradigms against the sanitized teachings of the Royal Society’s consensus science!

Georges Cuvier and then later Claude Schaeffer, dared question the hidebound uniformitarian teachings demanded by the Royal Society’s geology darlings, Hutton and Lyle. These theorists demanded the world’s development was a slow evolutionary process explained by millions of years of uniformitarian, slow but steady change. The sluggish passage of time could be coloured to suit any scenario!

This Misneme eventually influenced Darwin to explain evolution as a child of slow “natural selection” that, by chance, produced superior offspring and indeed new species entirely by “survival of the fittest”. A gross simplification that has survived as a cherished dogma squirreled into every facet of modern science.

But therefore what sets our two practical French geniuses apart?

Cuvier Schaeffer Catastrophism egypt
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The Plague Fires of Tamatea

Mankind’s greatest killer plague: What controls human destiny?

Around 1340 AD began a series of wars between England and France that lasted over a century. It was made famous by Shakespeare in his inventive but glorious Saint Crispin’s day speech by Henry the fifth at the Battle of Agincourt:

“For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he never so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves cursed they were not here,
And hold their manhood’s cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

The Hundred Years War The Fires of Tamatea and 1348 AD
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Journey to the Centre of the Earth: Part 1

What is taught according to conventional theories is highly questionable.

You were taught that the Earth has two inner iron cores both separated by solid and liquid boundaries. Confidently this was around 5000 miles thick. The next adjoining layer, the mantle (we were told), is of solid silicates and a further 2000 miles in depth. Lastly, a thin outer crust is formed of silicates, both plastic and solid, some 50 miles thick. Plasticity of matter, as with the Sun, was the result of deep thermonuclear activity within the bowels of the Earth! All these plastic and solid boundaries were sharply defined. I suspect nothing could be further from the truth!

You were taught coal, oil, natural gas (methane) and the carbonaceous kerogens (all hydrocarbons) were sparsely layered in the upper parts of this thin mantle and were the result of the breakdown of surface dwelling fauna and flora fossils, both marine and land based, over billions of years. Certainly, these hydrocarbons were not a part of the original constituents of a formative Earth. I again suspect nothing could be further from the truth.

thunder eggs
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Lesbos, Homer and the War of the Worlds

Homer’s “Odyssey” narrates the chaotic homeward journey from the devastated battlefield of ancient Troy. The hero, the resourceful and cunning king Odysseus, leaves a Troy shattered not only by war but by the vindictive gods of the Greek pantheon. Although the heroes of the Trojans and Greeks contribute to victory and defeat it is ultimately the battle between the gods themselves that decide the fate of these nations.

Many “Electric Universe” advocates maintain these gods were sky gods, or planets in cosmic realignment. At the very least others believe tremendous cosmic discharge events were occurring above the battlefield. They manifested in gigantic cosmic thunderbolts and meteors from the god Zeus (Peratt instabilities), earthquake storms, mega floods and Tsunamis (Poseidon) plagues and fire from the sky (Apollo) the shattering of cities (plasmoids) and the butchering of men (Aries and Athena)

Odysseus’s deadly homeward journey is delayed for many years by curious obstacles that to the modern reader seem beyond belief. The giant Cyclops, the mind controlling Harpies, the changing of men into animals! But is there fact in these stories? Much of Homer is true. His grasp of geography was praised by the practical Strabo for its accuracy. His description of “the catalogue of ships” shows an in depth knowledge of the towns and navies of the Greek Mycenaean civilization. His grasp of human frailties matched Shakespeare’s. Do perhaps the fantastic elements merely reflect a world bathing in celestial effects unwitnessed by modern man? Regardless Homer’s writings reflect a world in chaos. Let’s examine and sift real proof that this 3000 year old Mycenaean era was an exceptionally catastrophic time for mankind! Let’s see if the Electric Universe can shed some light on this ancient “mythology”!

lesbos homer war of the worlds
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Giant Wombats and Electrical Fossilization

Extinct Giant Marsupials would be found on Australia’s Mornington Peninsula was a prediction I made two years ago ! Recently an elephant sized Wombat (the Marsupial Diprotodon) was discovered off Sorrento, Victoria. It was concretised in a limestone beach deposit. But why was I so certain? Along the entire Victorian coastline from Inverloch(Dinosaur beach) through to South Australia (Naracoorte limestone caves) is evidence of a vast extinction! From remnants of shellfish, trees and mega fauna there is evidence of electrical petrification on a vast scale (life forms transmuting to rock). As close by as inland Lancefield massive bolus shaped graves of these very animals, from giant Kangaroos to huge Wombats, abound. They inevitably occur in tangled heaps of destruction. In other continents, from the U.S. to Russia, similar mass mega fauna destruction sites occur.

giant wombats australia
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Comets, Planets in Chaos and Plasma Mythology

Thomas Short, writing in the 18th century, chronicled the many calamities that had decimated mankind over four thousand years. Plagues, Earthquakes, drought, pestilence and incredible floods. As you read through his curious book you are struck by the inevitable parallel appearance of bright comets in numbers unmatched by modern experience. They are invariably connected to the major disasters! Up until the 1800s many sources resonate with the fear that humanity held for the “comet”! Chinese records even show the many forms a comet may take. Did they not have a reason? Then the “Age of Reason” struck and curiously the number of visible comets visiting Earth fell dramatically. Eventually by the end of the 20th century it became scientific dogma that comets were harmless dusty snowballs.

Then two stunning events occurred that forced a re-appraisal of this benign scenario. In 1994 the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 split into 23 sections and one by one flash discharged well above the surface of the giant planet Jupiter. The result was devastating! Each discharge area was the size of Earth with the destructive imprints persisting for over a year! For the first time modern man had seen how ruthless the innocent comet could be!

The second surprise was the observation by modern instruments of comets diving into the sun. Immediately afterwards giant Coronal Mass Ejections( CME)were seen blossoming out on the opposite side of the Sun. Wal Thornhill believes this a good indication of the electrical nature of the Sun. These resultant CMEs were even larger than the Sun itself. How could such a puny object be so violently powerful?

comets plasma mythology
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Greenland – Once a Viking Paradise

The “Little Ice Age” impacted Europe with sudden and vicious results! Using its weapons, of Plague, famine and controversially earthquake, it reduced the population of Europe by around 30 – 50 percent. The virulence and death toll of the 1348 AD plague is totally unmatched by modern examples! Further the world mega famine of 1315 AD, due to both weather and pestilence, was catastrophic.

Documentation of cannibalism and infant abandonment were common. The relentless temperature drops combined with erratic weather are impossible to explain but mankind had no hand in its inception. What forces of nature caused this catastrophic scenario? Greenland is a classic example of death and abandonment. Let’s travel back in time and see what happened!

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The Jurassic Coast Ammonites – a Transmutation Extinction?

The Jurassic Coast Ammonites look like a squid with a shell. Palaeontologists, all knowingly claim they lived from 400 million until 66 million years ago and use their presence in boundary layers to determine geological age. They are now totally extinct! But what was the tool of their mass extinction and what petrified and fossilized their numerous remains?

jurassic coast ammonites extinction
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The Wallace Line? Can Kangaroos swim?

Google a map of Australia and Indonesia! Between Indonesia’s Bali and neighbouring island Lombok is a slim ten mile sea channel! This is the start of the thousands mile long Wallace line. It is not only a dividing geological etching beneath the sea. It is also a biological division! On one side roam bouncing Kangaroos and Platypus! On the other man eating Tigers!

South is Australia. North the Philippines and India. Remarkably, this extends to both plant, fish and animal species. From sulphur crested Cockatoo on one side of the Wallace line, to Indonesian finches just across the sea channel. From fire prone Gum trees to exotic tropical rain forest Teak and Ebony. Even beneath the sea, in an area separated by a mere ten miles, this incredible separation of fish life stares you in the face! From Australasia to the Antarctic lies a unique zone of flora and fauna !

wallace line evolution of species
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