Ancient Catastrophe: can the Electric Universe explain?

Peter Mungo Jupp talks with Physicist Wal Thornhill regarding Immanuel Velikovsky and the development of the Electric Universe.

Peter Mungo Jupp: As a Plasma physicist what is your view on Velikovsky’s books.

Wal Thornhill: I think he nailed some important truths. Certainly I think he nailed the planets as the cause of cataclysmic events on Earth. But as importantly he perceived the truth of the electrical universe which touches on all parts of the solar system down to mankind’s history and evolution. Modern research is now revealing the dramatic electronic connection between volcanoes, earthquakes, the weather and the sun. This research at the plasma level offers a tool to understanding those calamities that devastated mankind in his early history.

Ancient Destructions: can the Electric Universe explain these catastrophes?
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Ancient Destructions explained – Immanuel Velikovsky and the Electric Universe

Let me introduce you to Immanuel Velikovsky a man who caused incredible controversy in his time. In the 1950’s he wrote a book called “Worlds in Collision”, which had as its main theme the cataclysmic destruction on Earth by planets and comets in the Solar System. He believed mythology and legend should be interpreted literally.

This included the malignant forces attributed to Baal/Jupiter, father of the gods. He earned the wrath of the scientific world. Yet most of his Predictions made in 1960 were absolutely proved by NASA. Jupiter did emanate radio waves and was an electromagnetic body. The surface of Venus was 800 degrees centigrade not the same as Earth. He was right. Conventional science was badly wrong. He claimed the solar system is unstable. Both the Moon and Mars have been ravaged by celestial bodies. Part of his theory was that Venus was once a comet expelled from Jupiter.

immanuel velikovsky worlds in collision
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Claude Schaeffer – Ancient Middle East Destruction and epic discoveries

Let me introduce you to the remarkable French archaeologist Claude Schaeffer. He excavated Enkomi in Cyprus and Ugarit along the Syrian coastline. He also examined over forty other the Middle East sites. This was around the period from three thousand to six thousand years ago. What amazed him was that of six civilizations laid down, each was separated by a vast destruction layer up to thirty meters of ash. What could have caused this massive damage?

Certainly no conquering hoard would have left such fearful devastation. Conventional explanations would not work. A hundred forest fires could not lay down such a fearful evidence of destruction. Ugarit and Byblos, mere kilometres from Baalbek, had been ravaged by earthquake, fire, Tsunamis and inexplicable devastation numerous times. Ugarit was totally covered in debris and the coastline changed dramatically. The city was totally abandoned never to be rebuilt.

What agent could totally wipe out a civilization? Not only was one city was destroyed, but an entire network stretching from Troy to ancient Egypt.

claude schaeffer archaeologist french
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Baalbek Temple Prostitutes and Holy Prostitution for Baal

The most prevalent religious system in the immediate Canaanite context was the worship of Baal. Amongst numerous sources we have the Old Testament and the sacred scripts of Ugarit. Baal religion revolved around the cycles of nature necessary for survival and prosperity in the ancient world, primarily growing crops or raising livestock, as well as the growth of human populations. For a variety of reasons human fertility was an important concern. Lack of fertility in times of stress was widespread. Egyptian texts support these curious phenomena.

Stress was the result of conflict and dissatisfaction between the sky Gods of the Cosmos. The Babylonian creation hymn, Enuma Elish, describes a great battle among the gods. However out of this battle between the Sky Gods order returned from chaos. The astral deities returned to their rightful place in the heavens and re-established the cycles of nature.

baalbek temple prostitutes holy prostitution
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Baalbek Temple and Human Sacrifice worship to Baal

Human Sacrifice including child Sacrifice as worship to the God Baal at the Baalbek Temple

When we turn to mythology to help understand these calamities we find some puzzling insights. The Greek writer Homer told how the mighty sky god Zeus cast thunderbolts on the earth and tumbled the walls of Troy with his earthquakes. The inhabitants of Baalbek feared Baal. This God was their name for Zeus also known as Jupiter and Amon. Humans were sacrificed in an attempt to pacify him and prevent huge destructive earthquakes. They believed by their actions they could control and manipulate the Gods.

In the mysterious tablets of Ugarit, discovered by Claude Schaeffer, Baal is the God of rain, thunder, and extraordinary bolts of lightning. The worship of Baal extended in this region to the Jews, Canaanites and the Phoenicians. But Herodotus informs us the God was also known under many other names such as Jupiter of the Romans. Zeus of the Greeks, Mazda of the Persians and Amon of the Egyptians.

Priests instructed the people that the bright sky god Baal was responsible for droughts, plagues, earthquakes and other calamities. People were often worked up into great frenzies at the prospects of displeasing Baal. In times of great turbulence human sacrifices, particularly children, were made to this father of the gods!

baalbek human sacrifice worship baal
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Baalbek Lebanon destructions – Baalbek Temple ruins and the City of the Thundergods

Baalbek Lebanon and the Destruction of Baalbek Temple and the City of the Thundergods

Mankind has been repeatedly destroyed and reborn. Civilizations are everywhere buried under rubble. Ruins lie abandoned in the middle of deserts and rainforests. What happened? Modern scientific studies combined with research in archaeology and mythology is revealing dramatic new facts. The ascent and demise of nations is controlled by nature’s chaotic whims and does not lie under mankind’s own hand. Baalbek is an ancient site that reveals such shattering events altering the destiny of empires and nations.

As the eminent French archaeologist Claude Schaeffer concluded, these massive cataclysmic destructions are unknown in modern times. Will they occur again? Can we prevent them?

baalbek lebanon temple destruction
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The Little Ice Age – Aurorara, Coronal Mass Ejections and ice cores – part 4

THE LITTLE ICE AGE 1280-1850 AD – GISP2 volcanic markers, Isotopic Oxygen 16, Paleoclimate,, sunspot observations, Magnetosphere, NASA, severe sea floods, Ian Plimer, Summit Greenland Ice core studies, McKirrick and McIntyre, Mann hockey stick, Claude Schaeffer, Mike Baillie, The Ion effect, Harvey Weiss, Peterson ocean core studies, Sequoia dendritic rings, uniformitarianism, Georges Cuvier.

Europe generally during the Little Ice Age

As further proof of the severity of the weather in this region during the Little Ice Age it is important to study the record of severe storms (see Plate 8). Similarly the advance of glaciers is important as an indicator of the severity and coldness of the weather over a sustained, if erratic, period. Various tax records show glaciers over the years destroying whole towns caught in their path. A few major advances, as noted by Ladurie(1) appear below:

  • 1595: Gietroz (Switzerland) glacier advances, dammed Dranse River, and caused flooding of Bagne with 70 deaths.
  • 1600-10: Advances by Chamonix (France) glaciers because massive floods which destroyed three villages and severely damaged a fourth. One village had stood since the 1200’s.
  • 1670-80’s: Maximum historical advances by glaciers in eastern Alps. Noticeable decline of human population by this time in areas close to glaciers, whereas population elsewhere in Europe had risen.
  • 1695-1709: Iceland glaciers advance dramatically, destroying farms.
  • 1710-1735: A glacier in Norway was advancing at a rate of 100 m per year for 25 years.
  • 1748-50: Norwegian glaciers achieved their historical maximum LIA positions.

Further to this we must include anecdotal but legitimate evidence regarding ice formation throughout. An example is the world phenomena of Ice Fares such as the ones on the Thames that only ended in 1815(2).

Little Ice Age  Aurorara Coronal Mass Ejections
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Little Ice Age and the erratic climate changes – part 3

THE LITTLE ICE AGE 1280-1850 A.D. – The Roman Warming, The Medieval Maximum, The Dark Ages, Viking settlement, Thorvald Asvaldsson of Jaederen, Eric Asvaldsson, Black sea freezing, Ian Plimer, Greenland Vikings, Iceland Vikings, The Little Ice Age, Ladune, Bardsson, Glaciation, Gunbiernershier, Newfoundland, Groves, Snefelsness in Iceland, lichen, sunspot cycle.

Let us examine what many authors have concluded about this interesting period. To begin with there is certainly no consensus over its beginning and end nor the extent of the various periods. However there seems some consensus that the Maunder minimum was the worst of the four proposed periods.

Initially, I will give a synopsis about what many authors have concluded about the dramatic weather changes of the last two thousand years and the fluctuating weather patterns that at some stages have bought human prosperity and at other times drought, reduction in population, race movements and not least, abandonment.

Firstly however let us look at a graph that a conglomeration of Ice core studies from Camp David, GISP and Antarctica tend to summarize over the last 100,000 years (see Plate 1: GISP 2 and Plate 2: SUMMIT).These are based on oxygen 18 studies (that theoretically show annual precipitation rates, ash fallout from Volcanoes and various other Isotopes that express cosmic ray activity (from the sun) and ion concentrations from other elements. My purpose in this is to show the incredibly fluctuating weather of this vast period.
solar cycle 24 sunspot number prediction little ice age
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Little Ice Age, the IPCC and scientists’ objections – part 2

Rationalistic viewpoints of the IPCC, Ivar Giaever, Kiminori Itoh, Dr Arun D Ahluwalia, Victor Manuel Velasco Herrera, Geoffrey G Duffy, Dr David Gee, Hajo Smit, James A Peden, Professor Delgado Domingos, Dr Takeda Kunihiko, Dr Eduardo Tonni, Professor Ian Plimer, USSenate Committee on climate change.

The skewed results of the IPCC

I have become aware, since starting this project, of factors mediating scientific rigor. This factor is the extremely polarized viewpoints on the so called ‘global warming’ debate. I suspect the vast majority of people are persuaded that global warming (if it indeed is still persisting and this is against the facts conclusion) is due to human causes (or at least partially so). This is due largely to the work of a body of scientists calling themselves paleo climatologists. They have become a very powerful director of governmental and public opinion.

It is important that as you read my submission you understand that a vast body of climatologists and other related scientists doubt not only their veracity but lately their integrity. To this end I will be attaching a note on the objection of 650 international scientists, of undoubted credibility, who object to what I would label global warming dogma.

I see these highly credible scientists as essential to combat the seemingly rationalistic viewpoints of the IPCC

Mann hockey stick graph little ice age
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Little Ice Age – Mega Famines – part 1

The Little Ice Age 1280-1850 AD – The Wolf, Sporer, Maunder and Dalton minima’s(1), Paleo climatologists, Little Ice Age , Medieval Maximum, Roman cooling, Dark Ages, frozen English channel, plague 1347 AD, Ion Effect, Sunspot climate control, Isotopic oxygen 16, Greenland, Iceland, Baker sunspots.

Although the period of the “Little Ice Age” is a scientific reconstruction it covers a period when there was a significant down turn in climate, compared to the present era. These are classified into four periods when the climate deteriorated significantly. This deterioration was not only cooler and wetter on average but vastly more erratic and these are prime ingredients for famine. These erratic periods were the Wolf, Sporer, Maunder and Dalton minima’s(2) respectively.

They followed a period known as the “Medieval maximum” which some contend was warmer than the present period(3). This earlier warm time was generally a period of expansion and prosperity for civilizations(4).

little ice age mega famines
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