The Plague Fires of Tamatea

Mankind’s greatest killer plague: What controls human destiny?

Around 1340 AD began a series of wars between England and France that lasted over a century. It was made famous by Shakespeare in his inventive but glorious Saint Crispin’s day speech by Henry the fifth at the Battle of Agincourt:

“For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he never so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now a-bed
Shall think themselves cursed they were not here,
And hold their manhood’s cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

The Hundred Years War The Fires of Tamatea and 1348 AD

The Hundred Years War saw the battles of Crecy, Agincourt and Poitiers immortalised.

Lest you think this was a gentlemanly war of rightful kingly succession, as history portrays it, think again! Much of Europe was warring at the same time. Spain, Portugal and other independent areas of France were indulging in rape, pillage, piracy and destruction. This was no genteel war of Knightly romance and honour bound adversaries. This was a ruthless war! Routiers (land pirates) and companies of independent mercenaries slaughtered the population, sacked the cities and laid waste the land. But these brutal wars were not confined to Europe. They were on a worldwide scale!

To mention a few, we see the fall of the Khmer Empire in Angkor in the 14th century by invading Thai armies (and curiously a shift from Hindu to Buddhist use!) In China 1368 AD saw the re-establishment of rule by the Han (from a hundred year Mongol dynasty). Indeed throughout the Pacific, as Nunn explains, we see the mass abandonment of habitation and warlike resettlement! From the Maori of New Zealand, the Solomon’s, Hawaii, Easter Island and many others we see confusion and panic! South America and Africa also possess abundant examples of the warlike fall of dynasties around this time!

Like most of the history of war, and indeed Mankind, it is written under the assumption that we largely control our destiny, even if by unworthy means! Dictators, greed, stupidity, religion, anger and all the spectrum of human frailty and folly are dragged in to explain the unfolding of historic events. This, as if human factors alone, can explain war, population movement and civilizational aggrandisement and decay!

On closer examination it is spectacularly apparent that other factors were at work. Not only in Europe, with its “Hundred Years War”, but globally in parallel occurred deadly epidemics, famines, earthquakes and chaotic and colder weather excesses with gross flooding and more powerful and more frequent tempests! Changes in ocean levels and sinking and reclamation of land were common! Accompanying this were cosmological events that may give a clue to the cause behind these catastrophic events! Violent events that are not matched today! This period has been named the “1300 AD event”, by geoscientist Professor Patrick Nunn and he marks it as the beginning of the “Little Ice Age”. This was the “Wolf Minimum”, the successor to the “Medieval Warm Period”.

In parallel, with this “1300 AD” geophysical event, the harsh world famine of 1339 AD unfolded. It lasted seven years and is known as “the famine before the plague.” But then the deadliest plague in human memory was unleashed and played its part in shaping the gruesome warlike episodes in human folly! This world plague, that roughly began around 1348 AD and reoccurred over forty years, is noted as the worst in human memory including the plagues of Thucydides’ around 450 B.C. and the Justinian plagues, around 500 AD that have already been covered in previous articles. It totally eclipsed these previous disasters in death tolls! Perhaps up to eighty percent of the world’s population perished!

Due to its closer proximity to modern times, written anecdotal accounts site curious phenomena that can be directly attributed to a primary cause that I suspect is buried in an Electrical Universe explanation! The catastrophic beginning of the “Wolf Minimum” was the first phase of the “Little Ice Age (1280 AD to1340 AD). Famine, floods, earthquakes, storm and tempest and heavenly fire were to enter the conundrum that drives human direction! Can we draw an explanation from the “Electric Universe”?

We are taught in science that mere association does not prove causation. Nevertheless association of war, famine, drought, earthquakes, plagues, floods, tempests and unseasonal chaotic weather often appearing with electrical dramas such as comets, fiery pillars in the sky, heavily destructive lightning events, nation spanning fiery events, all these mingled phenomena, must give us pause to reflect. Are all these co mega-dramas in some way linked by a common driver? Does our Solar System and beyond orchestrate, if you like, a cornucopia of natural events that sends nature into chaos? Significantly is plague and war just a manifestation of a constantly changing and adapting electromagnetic variance? Can we scientifically establish a connection between what we see as mere human follies and the relentless attack of bacteria and viruses, to cosmic events? Let us at least track an opening to deeper understanding of the connections!

Henrik Svensmark has conclusively shown that cloud cover, and hence precipitation of rain and snow, is modified by cosmic ray (protons and other atomic nuclei) flux. In addition this flux is itself modified (effect reduced) dramatically by CME’s from the Sun which is proportional to the number of sunspots in the solar cycle. High sunspot count six times more CMEs! Thus more CME’s less rain or drought due to cosmic ray effect reduction. I hope you got that! Of course the bigger question is what drives CME’s and arriving cosmic ray flux. But certainly precipitation, floods, winds probably earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis are moderated by solar influences. In times of a quiet Sun the world is mercilessly bombarded by cosmic rays and heavy flooding occurs.

What else might affect weather and compel usually minor plagues to become shockingly invasive, deadly and worldwide? In fact do cosmic rays affect bacterial virulence? It is now understood that positive ions (e.g. cosmic rays) do encourage bacterial virulence!

This greatest plague was universally recorded by peoples of the world from India to Asia, Europe and beyond! Short describes from his sources: “But In France in August 1348 AD was seen the terrible comet Negra! And in December a great pillar of fire was seen reaching above the sky… There were many and great worldwide earthquakes, tempest, thunder and lightning and many towns, villages, mountains and thousands of people were swallowed up. Courses of rivers were changed and chasms in the Earth sent forth fumes and bloody water! Comets, meteors, fire beams, corruptions of the air and the heavens were on fire.”

This accompanying plague to the “1300 AD event” sometimes left a third of mankind alive sometimes as little as one in sixteen alive. The incredible figure of twenty four million dead in the Eastern world alone is noted by Short from his sources! Not only humans but cattle and other farm animals plus even fishes. Was this indeed just a bacterial plague? Some have contested this traditional view! Some have argued for a pestilential irradiation.

A curious passage from Short gives us pause to think:

“The plague began in Cathay (China) from an igneous vapour, or sulphurous fire, breaking forth from the Earth or falling from heaven, which utterly consumed men, beasts, houses, stones and trees to the very ground; and stretched forward rolling along on smoking balls of stinking, pestilential fire for seven hundred miles of the continent for fifteen days!. It so infected the air of these places that millions of insects and small creatures died and stank. The plague rolled on and killed a victim within three days! Buboes and boils appeared quickly within the groin, armpits and stomach”.

Curiously, the timing of this event may be related to Maori legend of the fires of Tamatea. This was around the time the Maoris settled New Zealand. On the South Island is evidence of giant fires and Mega Tsunamis that burnt the forests and wiped out the now extinct giant Moa bird. Carbon dating of these burnt remains primarily cluster around the mid fourteenth century. An interesting coincidence! According to Bryant, Maori legends talk of fire from the heavens and the extinct giant Moa bird as one who was destroyed by a strange fire. Here there appears to be evidence for an airburst that flattened trees in a manner similar to the Tunguska event. The remains of fallen trees are aligned radially away from the point of explosion out to a distance of 20 to 40 miles. Bryant maintains local Maori legends in the area tell about the falling of the skies, raging winds, and mysterious and massive firestorms from space. Tapanui, itself, translates as “the big explosion.”

The Plague Fires of Tamatea

As if in verification, but on a far less certain time scale, Australian mythology concurs! “The local sand hills along the South Australian coast were raised by Marnpi and Tatta, two of their ancestors. A great fire, coming from the ocean, spread far and wide on the sea-coast, and seemed likely to envelop the whole country in its flames.”(Thanks Rens Van der Sluijs) and also to the Wotjobaluk, of Central-Western Victoria, who tell of the deadly “Mungan’s fire”! It filled the whole space between the earth and the sky, precipitating floods, and collective madness! Men went mad with fear, and speared each other, fathers killing their children, husbands their wives, and brethren each other. Then the sea rushed over the land …” Again hard to date but commensurate with the chaos of the “1300 AD event” and accompanying Tsunamis.

This mythology matches in many ways the quotations of sources from this period. Normally we condemn them in the light of our scientific enlightenment which advocates uniformitarianism or the slow but steady ascent of mankind. No catastrophes.

So how do we conclude this appraisal of the “1300 AD event”? The anecdotal evidence clearly opts for cosmic interference with the Earth causing floods, plague, chaotic cold eras, famine, drought and significantly, collective madness (war). But this scenario is scientifically backed by Nunn and his myriad of analytical measurement sources regarding the Pacific basin, South America and elsewhere. Other mythological sources such as the “Fires of Tamatea” also lend credibility to a cosmic source of disruption.

The French archaeologist Claude Schaeffer puts it nicely:

“Perhaps it is good, at present, to establish only the reality of those crises and tremendous upheavals during the last millennia and leave the study of the causes to later research. For the historian and the general public are not yet ready to accept the thought that the earth is a much less safe place than they were accustomed to believe. With the removal of the troublesome warlords in some of the modern nations, with Hitler, Mussolini and the Communists finally removed, they think eternal peace and security will automatically be attained on earth everywhere. It is true that the very recent earthquake disaster in the usual Mediterranean area have again slightly shaken that belief. But men are not easily convinced to face reality and to accept the results of objective research. They prefer to live in their imaginative world. And perhaps all the better for them. However these great crises will explain better than before, the historical development of the most ancient civilizations and its mechanism, and they will definitely take out of the hands of man the command of the great historical happenings we thought he possessed.”

Peter Mungo Jupp

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