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Thunderbolts, Mammoths and Mass Destruction

Ancient Destruction DVD’s

episode 1 Antarctica – once a Tropical Paradise DVD

Today Antarctica is bleak and bitterly cold. But once, not so long ago, it was a land of lush green valleys and thriving forests. Marsupials once roamed in its balmy climate. Then in nights of destruction and fire it was overwhelmed by ice. Today no one dreams Antarctica was once a tropical paradise. What happened?

episode 2 Lake Mungo and Lake Victoria – the Australian Sodom and Gomorrah DVD $20.00

On the shores of Australia’s giant Lake Lunette are buried the bodies of an estimated 20,000 bodies. Some claim it is a graveyard stretching back over thousands of years. Aboriginal mythology portrays it as the focus of a great cosmic catastrophe.

episode 3 Mega Tsunami Melbourne – 1500 A.D. DVD $20.00

Classic geology claims Port Phillip Bay being formed at the end of the Ice Age, thousands of years ago. We combine Aboriginal mythology and modern scientific investigation and come to a radical new conclusion

episode 4 The destruction of Baalbek – City of the Thundergods DVD $20.00

Baalbek is the site of a citadel built out of 1000 ton blocks unmoveable with modern technology! Today it is in ruins .Who built Baalbek and what force destroyed this incredible citadel ?

episode 5 Baalbek – Holy Prostitution and child Sacrifice DVD $20.00

The ancients lived in fear of the Thundergod Baal . They performed human sacrifices in the belief they could calm his destructive behaviour. Did they control this impetuous sky god?

episode 6 Thunderbolts, Mammoths and Mass Destruction part 1  Angels over New York City DVD $20.00

The complete destruction of giant Mega fauna seems an unsolved mystery. We relentlessly seek answers from a number of mammoth sites and investigate the truth of mythology which paints a totally different picture to traditional science.

episode 7 Thunderbolts, Mammoths and Mass Destruction part 2 The Cosmic Thunderbolt DVD $20.00

Mammoths were almost obliterated overnight. Nuclear physicist Rick Firestone radically revises classic theory and realises North America’s Carolina Bays hold important clues. He explains the importance of mythology in coming to his scientific conclusions.

episode 8 Thunderbolts, Mammoths and Mass Destruction part 3 The burning of North America DVD $20.00

What agent of nature caused the complete wild fire burning and then flooding of North America? Does mythology hold the key or does modern Plasma Cosmology?

episode 9 Wal Thornhill – Boundary Rider of Science DVD $20.00

The “Electric Universe” paradigm seeks to totally rewrite explanations on the formation of the Universe. Australian physicist Wal Thornhill sheds revolutionary light on some of the antiquated concepts of modern astronomers!

episode 10 How to get expelled from School – Ian Plimer DVD $20.00

Ex University of Melbourne Professor Ian Plimer reveals how our schools are brainwashing our children unproven propaganda. What can we do about it?

episode 11 Troy – Homer’s Plasma Holocaust DVD $20.00

Although many historians treat Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey as fairy tales modern archaeology and Plasma Physics portray important new truths about this catastrophic era

episode 12 EU human – electromagnetism shapes our very lives DVD $20.00

The Sun and Earth talk to each other in endless chaotic interface. Can this electromagnetism affect our every day behaviour.? Can this dialogue steer the course of nations?

episode 13 Electric Geology – an introduction DVD $20.00

Modern Geology rarely considers the recent cataclysmic past and only recently has it noted the place that electromagnetism plays in Earthquakes and Volcanoes. In times past were these effects far more deadly and responsible for the sculpturing of landscapes on not only the Earth but the planets?

episode 14 Darwin got it wrong DVD $20.00

Darwin claimed to place the tool of evolution in the hand of “Natural Selection” His predecessor Cuvier thought otherwise. Has the role of cataclysmic events in guiding the adaption of DNA to new environments been totally ignored and dogma ruled unchecked?

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