Death and extinction of the Megafauna in Australia

Imagine giant wombats the size of a Rhinoceros (Diprotodon) roaming the Peninsula. Worse massive man eating kangaroos (Procptodon) sending you scuttling in terror as they roamed the countryside in packs. Or the lone marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) carrying off your newborn baby. Aboriginal mythology is rich in such stories and tells of a time when they shared Australia with these savage predators. One such legend from the Murrumbidgee River tells how, the cunning hunter Wirroowaa, with the help of the great white spirit, had defeated these giant Kangaroos that had slaughtered many of his tribe.

The existence of these huge creatures is testified to by the giant fossilized bones of these extinct mega fauna. From Lake Eyre, the Menindee lakes on the Darling River, Lake Mungo near Mildura, Cuddie springs along the Queensland border, the Narracort caves near Mount Gambia, at Keilor and Romsey near Melbourne their bones are to be found in abundance. I have no doubt that somewhere on the Mornington Peninsula hides a fossilized outcrop waiting to be discovered. These remains generally seem to be found near river beds and springs which is a similar position to the discoveries of extinct mastodons (elephants) in the United States along the Mississippi river.

But what happened to the Australian Megafauna? Again we return to Aboriginal mythology but also cleverly combine it with the latest scientific revelations and find ourselves coming to startling conclusions.

megafauna australia extinction

Firstly from the Mythology of the Aranda tribe of central Australia.

Once the deserts of central Australia were fertile plains where forests of giant trees grew. Rivers, lakes and lagoons were thickly fringed with waving reeds. The air that is now filled with blinding, salt-laden dust was washed by soft, cooling rains. In this land lived the monsters called the Kadimakara. Once, when the monsters and were quietly feeding on the earth, three gum trees which were the pillars of the sky fell down. They were forced to roam on the earth and to wallow in the marshes of Lake Eyre until they died. To this day, their bones lie where they died. When the country is parched during prolonged drought, the Dieri Aboriginals make journeys to the bones of the Kadimakara and hold ceremonies to appease the spirits of the dead Kadimakara.

Scientifically this undoubtedly tells of a cosmic event that desertified much of Australia and fossilised the mega fauna’s bones. Paleontologist Adrienne Mayer narrates how the native tribes of the U.S. also talk of the destruction of their mega fauna by world shattering thunderbolts leaving them fossilized.The latest research shows that fossils are not the results of millions of years of chemicals infusing bones with silica compounds but can be electro magnetically created almost instantaneously. And herein lays the solution to what killed and made extinct the Mega fauna.

At Lake Mungo, A.N.U. scientist, Barbetti discovered evidence of an immense Geo magnetic reversal of the earth. Rock when melted and then cooled retains the magnetic signature of that era. At Lake Mungo it was found there had been a 120 degree shift in the magnetic diapole and field strength around ten times the present era. Wal Thornhill says this would imply a very large increase in electric current at the site. The effects would of been catastrophic, This had occurred thousands of years ago and corresponded to the extinction of the mega fauna in Australia ).

In his book “Magnetic reversals and Evolutionary leaps” Robert Felix describes the catastrophic destruction these deadly electro-magnetic phenomena would have caused. The Mega fauna would have not only been wiped out but the DNA of the survivors impregnated and forced to change in one evolutionary bound. No more mega fauna but a new smaller species of Kangaroo and wombat. Sounds farfetched?

U.S. scientist Rick Firestone has found traces of iridium and microscopic steel lances in the fossilized remains of the Northern hemisphere’s extinct Mega fauna such as mammoths from Alaska and Siberia. He theorizes they got hit by a radioactive cosmic blast. Just such effects would be expected from a magnetic reversal such as occurred at Lake Mungo. It would have been continent wide. At a similar time geo magnetic reversals were recorded in the mountains around New Zealand.

Further evidence of these phenomena says Felix comes from the Sandy Lunette bowls of the Murray Darling basin. They are just like the U.S’s Carolina bays. The high sand dunes that rim these basins are topped by blasted pure white sand full of minute steel inclusions.

Geo magnetic reversals are a fact of the Solar system. As an example the Sun reverses its polarity roughly every eleven years. What causes the earth to reverse its polarity? Certainly the sun’s magnetosphere reacts with the earth resulting in the Aurora Australis and Aurora Borealis. Various causes could be possible from an Electric universe perspective.

An extreme Coronal Mass ejection, a comet or meteorite electrically discharging, a planet in disturbed motion or even the effect of an exploding supernova from outside the solar system. Other unexplained phenomena such as telluric current from within the earth may have caused these reversals. But occur they did and with devastating results. When is the next one due?

Peter Mungo Jupp

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  • When the scales of immortality in the lands remembered as Paradise, finally passed the point where soul consciousness became body consciousness, (such a slow journey of thousands of years) the effect rippled through nature and the cosmos as the planets re-aligned to what is now for us, a familiar pattern.
    Paradise lost as the magnetic forces, changing in strength and frequency, brought instability, chaos and destruction. We ‘fell into hell’. Those that had lived in Paradise for millennia, experienced death and loss for the first time, and were traumatised. The Earth and its inhabitants, humans (once deities, gods), the animal kingdom and the flora, all went into confusion and chaos. We are still recovering but we will recover.